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Louisville Mold Removal Services

Louisville KY mold inspection, testing, and remediation

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We strongly believe that the environment that you live in plays an important role in your happiness and success. The growth of mold within you're home is a treat to that success and happiness but it doesn't have to as we are here to help eradicate the problem. We treat all of our client's homes as if they were our own and always leave with the house being in much better condition then when we arrived. We carry out all works too high standard eradicating all mold leaving the client with a greater understanding of what allows mold to grow and how to prevent. This mentality leads to greater long term health of homes within the local community.

About Us

At Louisville Mold Removal Services we specialize in providing the people of Kentucky with effective and affordable mold removal service. We have been operating out of Louisville for many years becoming a well-respected Company within the local community. We have done so by providing excellent results and gaining the trust of the community, we aim to continue to do this with great success for many more years to come.

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    Our Services

    We offer a range of services to our clients in the Louisiana Kentucky area that are designed to tackle any mold issues that you may have. The offer information about the negative effects that exposure to mold can have on your health and that of your loved ones. We have a qualified team who can inspect and test for mold in both residential and commercial buildings with a high degree of certainty. Once the source of the mold has been found we can then begin the removal process, once this is complete we may install some preventative measures to stop the mold returning at a later date. We will then apply the finish and you wouldn't even know we have been there.

    mold & health issues
    Mold & Health

    We offer information here at Louisville Mold Removal Services to the general public with the aim of raising awareness about the health implications of living with mold. We can do this through printed leaflets and a strong social media presence. We want to give people the knowledge needed to be able to spot mold as early as possible, to understand the reason why it's is growing and how they can make it harder for the mold to grow.

    mold inspecting near me
    Mold Inspecting

    Our team of mold inspectors at Louisville Mold Removal Services is the best in the state of Kentucky. They are very highly qualified with many years of experience between them. All our inspectors are well acquainted with the behaviors of mold and know exactly what to look for when carrying out an inspection. If you have a problem with mold our inspectors will find it however to do so they will require full access to your home. This will allow them to fully assess the situation to a degree of accuracy.

    “We had an awful mold infestation in both upstairs bedrooms, so we decided to give Louisville Mold Removal Services. They where fantastic, we no longer have mold in our home and we are much happier living without it. We can not recommend them enough!” - Sarah Mc

    mold testing near me
    Mold Testing

    Mold testing is the testing of an area that is thought to have an issue with mold to determine whether it does so or does not. Our qualified inspectors will conduct a series of on-site tests but in cases that are less certain samples will be sent to a laboratory for further testing. All results will be made available to the customer as soon as we get them back from the laboratory.

    mold removal & remediation near me
    Mold Removal & Remediation

    Mold removal and remediation is a very important service that we offer. When the presence of mold has been found within your home after an inspection has been taken we recommend that you seek our professional assistance to remove the mold as soon as possible. Our team will treat your home with the utmost care and respect. We will only remove contaminated materials that cannot be saved. We are confident that you will be happy with the final result leaving you with a warm, cozy, and mold-free home.

    “My husband and I decided to give Louisville Mold Removal Services a call after we found mold in our bedrooms, we decided to immediately call in professional help as we were expecting our first child. They were a great help and took care of all our mold problems, we can’t thank them enough. They were very professional” - Bethany

    commercial mold removal & remediation
    Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

    Commercial mold removal and remediation is the removal of mold from commercial premises. Lots of businesses suffer from mold may need you to watch that business is and the extra amount of people on the premises daily causing there to be an excess of moisture. For example, in the kitchen there is usually a lot of moisture added atmosphere, this leaves restaurants vulnerable to mold. If you are a business owner with mold issues call us on the number above, we can help! We recommend that all business owners address any mold issues as soon as possible, as mold is bad for business!

    mold removal near me

    Our F.A.Q’s are frequently asked questions that we have answered to assist those who may need it. All questions have been by our team of mold experts as will any other mold queries that come to us. The F.A.Q’s answers questions on health, signs of mold, removal of mold, costs, and preventative measures.

    “I called Louisville Mold Removal Services after purchasing a house with significant mold issues in the Louisville surrounding area. It was a big job that they had no hesitation in taking on. They did live up to their reputation, the results are pretty impressive with a high-quality finish. My house is now free of all mold thanks to these guys.” - Bryce

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    To learn more regarding any of the above, feel free to give us a call today.  We are happy to answer any mold related questions you might have as its our pride and joy to help the residents of the Louisville area with all of their mold service needs.