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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

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Commercial mold removal and remediation is the removal of mold from commercial properties rather than residential. A lot of the processes and methods used to remove mold can be used on both residential and commercial properties. The main difference being the scale of the jobs being different from the commercial properties sometimes offering us more challenges than residential ones.

Structural damage that mold can cause

Over a period of time mold left unattended will gradually start to have a negative effect on the structure. It's will continue to grow and will start to affect the integrity of the building's foundations drywall furniture and roof. The longer it is left unattended the costlier the process of removing the mold will take as everything that is compromised will need to be torn outing replaced. This in turn will have a negative effect on your day to day business with the costs getting higher and the job taking longer to complete forcing closure. This is not what any business owner wants.

Why is mold bad for business

An infestation of mold is ugly smelly and unwanted. And from a commercial perspective, it is not a good look when the first thing that a customer sees upon entering the premises is mold. It is not the image that you as a business want to portray to all current and potential customers. This can result in a loss of new and repeat trade. This would have a negative effect on the long-term success of your business. As mold is harmful to people's health, you have a duty of care to the general public as a business owner to shield them from it. Failure to do so may result in liable action be taken against you resulting in further costs.

Common problems with mold in commercial properties

Commission properties can suffer from a mold problem for the same reasons as residential properties, there is an issue with excess moisture somewhere. However, these problems come often arise more commonly in commercial properties. One reason for this is that they have a larger number of people passing through them per hour. Another is their purpose, for example, kitchens often attract excess moisture around the refrigerator, freezer, drains, and vents leaving all restaurants vulnerable to mold.

Commercial mold removal and remediation services

Here at Louisville Mold Removal Services, we offer a solution to all your commercial mold problems. We have a qualified staff on hand to inspect and test your property in order to successfully diagnose the cause of the problem. In the event that mold is found, our team also offers mold removal services. All our services come at an affordable price. If you have any problems with mold and you think that's we can help please get in touch with us on the number of above, our customer service agents are eager to help. Alternatively, you can leave your contact details and query with us by completing the contact form on our website. We aim to answer all queries made this way within 24 hours.

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