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Mold Inspecting

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Mold inspecting is an inspection that is carried out on a home by a qualified inspector in order to determine if there is a mold problem. Mold is a fungus that grows at a pretty fast rate, so if you think you have a mold problem it is important that you address it as it will only get worse over time. Customers usually call us when there are visible signs of mold, then we would arrange for an inspector to visit the customers at their property to conduct the inspection and assess the situation.

When should you call us?

If you come see mold in your home then if Has already begun to get out of control. Mold also develops and odor so if you think you can smell if you are probably right. We advise that all homeowners should conduct a visual inspection of that home noting any visual signs of mold or strange odors. If you find any you should call was straight away on the number listed at the top of our website. You should also call us if you notice any leak or access moisture on the surfaces within your home. As mold grows it is important that we get access to it sooner rather than later.

Why you should call us?

You should call was here at Louisville mold removal services as we have a team of customer service agents and mold removal experts ready to assist you with any concerns you may have about mold in your home. You should address this problem as soon as possible as if you fail to do so it will have a negative effect on both the health of the tenants and the house itself. Living in a house with mold can have long-term health side effects especially to those with pre-existing health concerns, children, and the elderly. Having mold will also affect your property's structural integrity resulting in further cost and negatively affecting its market value.

What we can do for you?

Once you make contact with one of our customer service agents we'll ask you a series of questions relating to the condition of your home. We will then arrange for one of our inspectors to visit you at a convenient time. Then our qualified inspector Will conduct a visual inspection of your home searching for moisture and mold in all rooms. The inspector will be taking notes and pictures and may take samples for further testing if required.

The final stage of The inspection

The last stage to happen is the completion of our final report. Within this report, we will detail all of our findings including pictures and the highlighting of all problem areas. We will also recommend a course of action to fix these problems and preventative measures to stop them from returning. Once you have had time to read and take in the information within the report it will be unto you what happens next. Whatever you decide to do next, we are here for you to assist you.

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