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Mold Removal & Remediation

local mold remediation services

Mold removal and remediation is the process of removing the mold that was found and carrying out preventative measures so that the issue doesn't return in the future. If after an inspection mold was found we strongly recommend that you take action to have it removed due to the negative health impacts living with mold can have on one's health. We are here to help you with any mold concerns you may have.

Why call us here at Louisville mold removal services

Here at Louisville Mold Removal Services, we have a skilled and dedicated team that will work around o'clock to eradicate mold from your life. We have a team of customer service agents who will be your first point of contact once you have either called the number above or completed the contact form to the side. Our customer service agents are trained to provide the highest level of customer service to all customers. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our attitude and commitment to mold removal and remediation.

Removal of compromised materials

Our team of mold removal experts will also provide you with excellent customer service as well as the highest standard of craftsmanship. Once the source of the mold has been found then we must remove all compromised materials. We will do this with the utmost care and precision to cause as little damage only removing materials that as past the point of no return. Once all the compromised materials have been removed from the home we will dispose of them accordingly.

Disinfect all contaminated surfaces

Mold is a very tough and resilient microorganism that can survive in the harshest of environments. This makes mold hard to kill. When all the compromised materials have been removed from the home the next stage is to disinfect all areas and services. This stage is very important and suitable disinfectant needs to be used to ensure that the mold does not survive and return. Cross-contamination can also be a problem as you can wipe spores around and they can easily become airborne. But we can contain it! Our trained staff can guarantee that all affected areas of the house will be thoroughly cleaned using the Industry recommended methods and chemicals.


We will retest to ensure that the mold problem has been completely eradicated. This is important as if it has not completely gone then this is only a matter of time before it will return. And will retest using equipment such as the moisture and humidity meters. This stage is important as after it the reconstruction stage will begin and failure may result in higher costs to correct as you don’t want to have to redo it at a later date. We are confident in our mold removal capabilities that the retest will give us all the results that we want to hear. We thank you for your custom and hope you will not require our services again.

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