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Mold Testing

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Mold testing is when a series of tests are conducted by a certified inspector to locate the presence and/or severity of mold. It is commonly done after and during the initial inspection. Some tests can be conducted on-site by the inspector. All of our inspectors have been trained in the effective use of various equipment used to test for molds such as a moisture meter and a humidity meter. Mold testing is important in order to successfully diagnose the issue, which is important in making sure that your home is mold-free in the long term.

Why do we need to test for mold?

Once a visual inspection taken place sometimes further testing is required especially when the mold isn't visible. It is more cost-effective to test the environment then it is to search for mold within all the walls. Once it has been determined that further tests are needed then samples are required to send to the laboratory. We test the environment by taking air samples and surface samples from various locations within the home. We now have to wait for the results, but don't worry we aim to get these results back to you as soon as possible.

Air sampling

Air sampling is a form of mold testing that is used to determine where the mold is coming from. this is incredibly useful when the source of the mold is not visible as the growth could have originated behind walls or ceilings. These tests are only required in the absence of the mold as it would be counter-productive to prove what we already know. these tests require a collection of air in order to test for hazardous microorganisms. The testing will take place in a laboratory

Surface sampling

A surface sample is a sample that is taken from a surface within your home. There are three main types of tests for surface samples, a swab, a tape, and a bulk. A swab sample is when a cotton swab is rubbed again on a contaminated surface. This sample is then sent to be tested. We commonly take multiple samples from multiple surfaces. A tape sample is one piece of tape that is taped to the contaminated area and then removed leaving the mold attached to the tape. A bulk sample is when a larger section of material is sent to the laboratory for example part of the drywall or a piece of furniture.

Why choose us

We are a well-trusted company in our local community that employs qualified people and has up to date insurance. You have to be careful out there, there are a lot of dishonest companies and mold removal can sometimes cause a conflict of interests as like ours lots of companies test for mold and also remove it. This leads to companies hoping to find the mold and making a problem to be bigger then it actually is. I promise you we are not one of these companies you can trust, we have a proven track record of leaving behind satisfied customers.

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